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Welcome to your body! Introduce about 20 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ★

Welcome to your body! Introduce about 20 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ★

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What are the efficacy of Chinese herbs in fire pot ... introduce in detail what is good for health! Eat knowing the efficacy Increase the taste of the hot pot!

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■ Sichuan Chaotic Pea (Shimeen Chaoten) ... Stomach action, indigestion, give gas in the intestines

■ Meat 扣 (candle) ... For digestive poorness, abdominal pain, abdominal fullness feeling, diarrhea etc.,

■ Chen Hui (Chinki) ... blood flow improvement, beautiful skin effect, allergy relaxation, relaxation effect, stomach action, stomach spoilage, digestion promotion

■ Kababa (Shan Rie) ... promote digestion, improve appetite

■ Cinnamon (Keihai) ... perspiration action, stomach action, headache · action to cure hot flashes, antipyretic analgesic action

■ Rice ginger ... improvement of coldness, stomach action, perspiration action, intestinal action, analgesic action,

■ Ginger (ginger) ... Stomach action, detoxification action, antipyretic action, stuffy nose, antitussive / nausea etc.

■ Hakkaku (okakaku) ... Stomach action, improvement of coldness, promotion of digestion, relaxation of stress

■ Liquorice (cholesterol) ... lowered cholesterol, skin beautification (rough skin, gloss, moisture), gastric mucosa protection, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory analgesic

■ Feng (Kuko) ... antibacterial action, skin beauty action, shoulder stiffness improvement, asthenopia and eyestrain, eyesight decline, blood pressure stability, hypertension, dizziness

■ Oyuken (garlic) ... nourishing tonic, antioxidant effect, blood smoothness effect, constipation resolution

■ Jujube (Natsume) ... rich in vitamin C, effective in cosmetic, anti-stress action, blood purification action

■ Pepper (Kasho) ... Stomach action, analgesic effect, hypotensive effect

■ Pepper (Let ...) Stomach action, digestion promotion, hypotensive effect

■ White bean sprout (jamku) ... Improvement of coldness, menstrual pain, indigestion, stomach action

■ Saen (Sajin) ... Stomach action, anorexia, stress symptoms

■ Grass (so)? ... to fullness and nausea

■ Small fragrance (osmanthus) ... to anorexia, appetite stimulation, stomach action, analgesic action, halitosis prevention

■ Dioxus (steroid) ... to stomach action, intestinal action, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea and so on

■ Whiteness (crispness) ... to cosmetic action, blood circulation disorder that improves gloss of the face, Improvement of suppurative constitution

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