Body in good Wake! Introduce about 20 kinds of Chinese medicine ★

Body in good Wake! Introduce about 20 kinds of Chinese medicine ★

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Chinese medicine that are in the fire pot, hot pot to eat know the finely introduce! Efficacy or what kind of efficacy is the ... why health good further taste up!?

Course menu

■ (your 's Sichuan Chaoten) Sichuan AsatenHajikami ... stomach action, indigestion, put the gas in the intestine

■ meat 扣 (Roko) ... digestion slump, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, etc.,

■ chenpi (Chinpi) ... blood flow improvement, beautiful skin effect, allergy relief, relaxing effect, stomach action, heavy stomach, digestive

■ KaoruKano (Shanrie) ... promoting digestion, appetite

■ cinnamon (expenses) ... perspiration, stomach action, action to cure a headache, hot flashes, antipyretic analgesic action

■ YoKyo (Liao today) ... poor circulation improvement, stomach action, perspiration, intestinal regulation action, analgesic action,

■ ginger (ginger) ... stomach action, detoxification, antipyretic, stuffy nose, cough, nausea stop such

■ octagonal (octagonal) ... stomach action, poor circulation improvement, promoting digestion, stress relief

■ licorice (licorice) ... lowering cholesterol, beautiful skin effect (skin roughness, luster, moisture), gastric mucosa protection, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory analgesic

■ wolfberry (wolfberry) ... antimicrobial activity, skin beauty action, shoulder stiffness improvement, tired of eye strain and eye, decreased vision, blood pressure stable, high blood pressure, dizziness

■ garlic (garlic) ... tonic, antioxidant action, blood smooth effect, constipation resolved

■ jujube (jujube) ... effective, anti-stress effect on vitamin C rich in beauty, blood purification effect

■ HanaHajikami (riverbed) ... stomach action, analgesic action, blood pressure-lowering effect

■ AsaHajikami (Masho will) ... stomach action, promoting digestion, blood pressure-lowering effect

■ Shiromame扣 (Biyakuzuku) ... poor circulation improvement, to menstrual cramps, indigestion, stomach action

■ Sunajin (dust) ... stomach action, loss of appetite, stress symptoms

■ Kusahate (or so) ... bloating and nausea, chest servant of, such as indigestion Harakudashi

■ small fennel (Sho fennel) ... anorexia, appetite, stomach action, analgesic action, to prevent bad breath

■ clove (sign) ... stomach action, intestinal regulation action, vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea

■ Shiroshi (Biyakushi) ... Beauty action to improve the luster of the face, the blood circulation failure, suppuration reform

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